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Vegetable Clipart Images

by Curtoons

Free Carrot ClipartSo I was drawing some fun cartoon clipart and got hungry for some vegetables. Not! I don’t eat veggies and actually hate them with a passion. Did that stop me from cooking up a cool batch of images for you? Heck no!

The image to the right is a classic orange carrot with that funky green leafy stuff on top. I know Bugs Bunny loves carrots and they are supposed to be good for your eyes but without a better taste to them I think I’ll pass. And that’s “What’s up Doc” about that!

Free Cartoon Mushroom ClipartNext up we have this delicious cartoon mushroom. Yuk! Are you kidding me? I don’t eat mushrooms either and totally peel them off of my pizza every chance I get. Mostly a texture thing I think. But that didn’t stop me from sketching one for you. This has got to be the healthiest clipart page on this entire website. Use my shroom on your health website or spaced out, drug addiction blog. Either one, I don’t care. Just freakin link back please.

Look, I’m no veggie guru so if you need facts and information you might as well cruise over to Think Vegetables. They know more about planting season, water sources, nutrients, yada, yada, yada, Who cares!

Free Apple ClipartI know, I know! An apple is not a vegetable! It’s a FRUIT! I just threw it on here to show that I also have a most bodacious set of free fruit clipart on this other page. That’s also called deep linking for all of you SEO heads. Google is going to love me for that one!

Free Pumpkin ClipartOkay, confusion is setting in. I don’t know if a pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable and I’m certainly not going to look it up. I’ll let you decide for yourself. It’s Monday so as of today I’m calling it a vegetable. Tomorrow it could be a fruit. Anyway, here’s a funky, cartoon faced pumpkin head. Yes, you are free to use the GIF image on your Halloween blog. Sheesh. But you better link back!

Free Olive ClipartOh yes I did! I went there. An olive. Is it a vegetable? Please stop asking me, I am not a trained vegetablologist. I only know that an olive is a food and it is sometimes found on pizza where all good vegetables are found. I leave this one up to you to decide as well. Use it as a veggie at your own risk, I take responsiblity for nothing.

Free Pumpkin ClipartHow about some corn on the cob? You won’t find corn on pizza and some may call it a starch rather than a vegetable but I call it really cool clipart. Use this fun, yellow image on your summer e-letter, cookout website or “Children of the Corn” fan blog. Corn is most likely my favorite of the vegetable family, especially the popcorn variety. Can you say, yum?

Is that enough gross food clip art? I’m not drawing asparagus, broccoli or cabbage so you can forget it. Go to one of those huge clip art marts for those shady veggies. I do have my laurels you know.

Oh, and if I’ve made you hungry for some free pizza clipart just follow that link and get your pie on that page. All food clipart is served up hot and ready!

So you’ve seen all of the free GIF images available to download but how are you supposed to get the groovy vector images for some high quality and commercial ventures? Well, I’ve got you covered. It’s my job so don’t start feeling all special or anything. Use the dang PayPal buttons below, pay some hard earned cash and I’ll send you the freakin images. It’s not rocket science people.

Now If I’m at a rock concert or in the john it might, I say might, be an hour or two before I push the send button on your pictures. It doesn’t happen very often, as I spend almost every waking hour waiting for you to push the buy button. So don’t get your panties in a wad if it doesn’t magically appear after about 3 seconds.

And don’t forget, if you use one of my FREE images I want a link back. Got that? I do know where my images live, so don’t get any bright ideas and forget the linkage.


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Prices range $4.99-$9.99 for high resolution digital files

You’ll receive vector (.EPS), transparent PNG & high res JPEG files
• Digital files will be emailed directly to your inbox
• Camera ready formats for most any commercial project
• Colorful little cartoon images
• Royalty free art clips with few restrictions! Read FAQ’s
• Unique cartoon clipart pictures found only on our galleries

Please read the FAQ’s page before you use any of our free clipart.

Yo! Don’t forget the link!!!

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