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Not finding the exact clip art image you’re searching for?

Cartoon Crown Clip ArtI’m finding that I get a very nice amount of traffic to this website looking for one piece of clip art or another. I also find that many searchers leave after only viewing one page and a large portion of my audience leaves without purchasing a piece of art. All of these clues lead me to believe that many people are not finding exactly what they are looking for.

I’ve decided that instead of sending you back to a search engine or on to the next clip art gallery I would like to make you an offer. I’m a cartoonist and I like to make money drawing and selling cartoons. You are most likely a potential client that enjoys clip art and is on a mission to find the perfect image for your project.

I propose that I would be willing to create the image you are now searching for. Think of this as a way for you to create your own clip art. The question that we must ask each other is how are we going to get this done without hours of my time being involved and not a lot of dollars coming out of your pocket?

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Clip Art Samples:
1. Funny Faces
2. Flowers
3. Hearts
4. Animals
5. Christmas
6. Birthday
7. Summer Art
8. Spring
9. Halloween
10. Devil

Here is my solution. Take a look around my website and get an idea of the type of clip art I create. Most of my images are simple and to the point. There’s not a large amount of detail and the images are not complicated. If these are the types of images you are interested in I would be willing to take requests for the creation of custom clip art images.

I can create a new images from scratch, I can slightly change an image already on the website or I can add/combine things to images already created. I can easily add fun text to an image or change the color of the image entirely.

Custom Clip Art Creation
Okay, now you’re asking yourself what is this going to cost and how is it going to be affordable. My cartoon illustration rate is $50 an hour and I’m thinking that I can create a fun little image in about 15-30 minutes depending on the request. There is also a bit of time needed for digitizing the design and getting the proper files created. That would put the price at about $25-$35 for per image.

I’m thinking that if this image could be used by others I would retain the copyrights to it and I would have another piece of clip art to add to my collection. With that in mind I could reduce that cost because I would eventually be reselling the image. That would get the cost down to $15-$25. You would have to keep in mind that you would not own the image and it could be used by other clients.

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The question is, would you be willing to pay $15-$25 for an image that you really want or are you going to keep searching to find an image that will suffice and still cost you about the same amount of money? Let me know what you think. It never hurts to ask and I’ll tell you up front that due to my schedule I may not always be able to get an image created, especially on a very tight deadline. But ask! If I get enough requests I’ll hire another cartoonist and you’ll be helping employ another worker.

Contact me here and include your requested image details.

Thank you for reading this far and considering a custom design.

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